Two areas where Glowble LED lighting fixtures are ideally suited are for use in heavy industry and in commercial/retail parking decks. Both of these applications highlight the distinct advantages of LED lighting over traditional Metal Halide or Fluorescent lighting fixtures.  

Manufacture Facility  

casestudy1An automotive manufacturer has an inspection, preparation, and assembly area that currently utilizes 600 pieces of 400w high bay Metal Halide lighting fixtures. The lighting fixtures are 2 years old and are a constant source of maintenance costs. Each of these 400w MH lighting fixtures consumes a total of 458 watts due to ballast losses. The automotive manufacturer is paying $0.115 per kilowatt-hour for their power.  This company runs their lights 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using this information, the following facts can be established when using a Glowble EF120 lighting fixture as a replacement.

  • Power savings in dollars per year will be over $191,000 per year.
  • Over a 10-year usage, in power savings alone, the manufacturer will be saving $1,900,000 in energy costs. 
  • The manufacturer will be saving enough money on just energy consumption to pay for their LED fixtures in just over 3 years. 
  • After paying for the fixtures in the first 3 the company will continue to realize energy savings for the life of the fixtures. 
  • Currently the company budgets $1,600 per month for maintenance of their existing Metal Halide fixtures. After switching to LED’s that savings amounts to an additional $192,000. 
  • For this automotive manufacturer, switching to LED lighting will not only recover their cost of purchasing the fixtures but add over $1,500,000 to their bottom line through these savings over a 10 year period.


Commercial Parking Deck  





A retail shopping center has a large 4 level parking deck. This deck is 14 years old and still maintains the 395 pieces of the original 250w Metal Halide lighting fixtures that were installed at initial construction. These existing lights are a constant maintenance nightmare for the retail center that does not employ a full time lighting maintenance person. Because of the lack of maintenance, there are serious security risks associated with the parking deck and numerous customer complaints. An outside contractor services the deck on a bi-monthly basis to repair lighting. The cost of this service averages out to approximately $1,200 per month. The shopping center is paying $0.13 per kilowatt-hour of power and they run their lights 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Switching out the existing 250w MH fixtures that consume 275w of power for Glowble EF-040S LED fixtures accomplish the following for the shopping center:

      • Power savings in dollars per year will be over $103,460.
      • Over a 10-yearspan the shopping center will be saving $1,034,600 in energy costs alone.
      • The shopping center will be saving enough money on just energy consumption to pay for their LED fixtures in slightly less than 2 years.
      • After paying for the fixtures, the shopping center will continue to see energy savings, nonexistent maintenance costs, and increased security of its parking deck.
      • The maintenance savings from switching to Glowble LED lighting fixtures will be greater than $144,000 over a 10-year period.
      • After switching from their existing 250w MH lighting fixtures to Glowble EF-040S LED fixtures, the shopping center will see a minimum of $985,000 in savings over 10 years, even after paying for their new lighting fixtures.