EF Series LED Fixtures

Engineered to be the Best


There are several LED fixture options available on the market today, across several price points. At Glowble Lighting we are exclusively focused on providing the best commercial and industrial fixtures available. With our first products created almost a decade ago and still in operation, Glowble Lighting was one of the first companies in the marketplace totally devoted to Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting. Over the past 9 years our in-house engineering and design team has continued to refine and increase our product offerings to be the best available. Our first generation lights were producing 60 Lumens /Watt and our latest engineering efforts have allowed us to now offer fixtures using 156 Lumen / Watt Cree LEDs. Part of Glowble’s mission statement is to be an industry leader in introducing improvement in LED Lighting Technology to the marketplace.

Glowble EF Series fixtures are designed for a long life. Many LED manufacturers choose to create a fixture that runs a tremendous amount of drive current through the LEDs to create the maximum amount of light possible. This type of design & operation can cause undue stress on all components of the LED fixture and lead to premature failure. At Glowble, we have designed our EF-Series fixtures to run at 350 milliamps of drive current. This accomplishes two goals: 1.) Keeping the LED junction temperatures cooler, which equals greater life, and 2.) Creating a fixture that operates at the most efficient point possible in regard to light output versus power consumption. At Glowble we
realize that customers want to maximize their return on investment (ROI) when upgrading their lighting systems. Based upon our EF Series design we believe that our products will return the best ROI of any commercial and industrial LED products you consider.