Glowble EF Series

Tough Lights for Tough Conditions


Proudly designed, engineered, machined assembled, and supported in the USA, Glowble EF Series LED fixtures are built tough to deliver optimum performance in rugged conditions. Patented heat dissipating technology allows Glowble EF Series fixtures to perform at 100% of stated output levels in ambient temperatures up to 150°F. Each fixture’s exterior is a rugged extruded and machined aluminum housing, creating a durable lighting fixture that will last for years. Simply put, if you want a LED fixture that will last, the Glowble EFSeries is the right choice for you.

Glowble EF Series Fixtures have many applications including but not limited to the following areas:

  • High Bay Lighting Up to 70ft
  • Low Bay Lighting of Any Height
  • Parking Deck Lighting
  • High Heat Environments
  • Exterior and Interior Wall Pack Lighting
  • Areas where Maintenance is costly to perform