Types of savings involved with LED lighting versus traditional lighting

How to Calculate Energy Savings

        • Energy cost is based on the amount of kilowatts used per period.
        • Each light consumes its designated amount of wattage each hour it’s operational.
        • The total amount of kilowatts is then multiplied by the company’s power rate.
        • The power rate varies company to company, but is usually between $0.08 and $0.15 per kilowatts used.
        • Glowble LED lighting fixtures consume 60 to 80% less kilowatts per hour, producing an equivalent reduction in energy cost each period.
        • Additional cost savings are created by using Glowble LED lighting fixtures in indoor applications, where the significant decrease in heat output saves money on HVAC units.
        • • To see what it would cost to run a Glowble fixture in your application annually, simply perform the following calculation:
          (The Wattage of the Glowble Fixture per our Product Specification Sheet/1,000 x The Number of Hours of Anticipated Light Fixture Operation Per Day x The Number of Days of Light Fixture Operation per Year x Your Company’s Kilowatt Rate per Hour.)

Maintenance Savings

      • Glowble LED lighting fixtures have an expected lifetime of 100,000 hours, compared to 8,000 to 20,000 hours for traditional fixtures.
      • A traditional bulb cost between $15 and $50 or more for each replacement.
      • Traditional fixtures use ballasts, which have an expected lifetime of 20,000 hours, while Glowble LED fixtures use no ballast.
      • The cost for a ballast ranges from $40 to $200.
      • Service calls to replace the bulb or ballast cost $40 to upwards of $450 depending on light installation.
      • A full time maintenance employee cost $40,000 or more.
      • Traditional lighting is extremely susceptible to failure because of the fragile nature of their components.
      • Glowble LED fixtures use solid state components, which greatly reduces the risk of catastrophic failure due to external shocks and vibration.
      • Constant on/off switching produces stress on a bulb which increases its failure risk. There is no damaged caused to Glowble LED fixtures with on/off switching.