Success Stories


Industrial Heat Treating Facility

Challenges: High Heat Environment; Reduction of Maintenance Time & Expense

Glowble Fixture Used: EF-160A

Outcome Summary: “Our company’s business is centered on the operation of furnaces that produce high heat levels. In our first encounter with LED lighting, we were told that LED lighting would not work for our operation because of the temperature levels that existed. That all changed when we were introduced to the Glowble Lighting EF Series Fixtures. LED fixtures were now an option because of the Glowble fixture’s ability to perform at 100% efficiency in temperatures up to 150°F. Glowble even took the time to make sure that they configured their EF-160A lights to match our existing set up so installation was quick and easy. We are very pleased with the change. The overall lighting in our plant is better and has led to increased safety while also eliminating the need to constantly replace bulbs and fixtures that have failed.”


Large Retail Mall Parking Deck

Challenges: State/Municipal Footcandle Requirements; Custom Mounting Needs; Rugged and Durable Fixture Housing

Glowble Fixture Used: EF-040S

Outcome Summary: “As one of the busiest malls in the state of Florida, we had a need for expansion of our facilities, which include additional parking decks. Our mandated lighting requirements were very stringent with a specific foot-candle requirement that had to be met. Glowble Lighting introduced us to their specialty parking lot fixture (EF-040S) that satisfied our lighting requirement in every way possible. Glowble also created a custom bracket to make the retro-fit portion of our installation very easy. With a total project that was in excess of 3,000 fixtures, Glowble provided the expertise and delivery schedule that was the perfect fit for us.”


Major Automobile Manufacturer

Challenges: Custom Light Output Requirements; U.S. based Design, Engineering, Assembly and Support; Long Life/Maximum Return on Investment

Glowble Fixture Used: EF-160A

Outcome Summary: “Our operations run 24/7 and facility lighting is critical to the manufacturing process as well as worker safety. Glowble EF Series lights gave us the durability and long life fixture that we wanted. These fixtures put more light on the ground with a smaller energy consumption than other fixtures considered. We have used the EF Series fixtures for both new construction and re-lamping projects in multiple locations of our two million plus square foot facility. Our custom configuration of the Glowble EF-160A Series lighting is now specified on most facility projects. When considering capital expenditures, return on investment (ROI) is critical and the efficiency and longevity of the Glowble EF Series fixture provided a long term ROI that made the most sense for us.”


Governmental Base

Challenges: Over 60ft Hanging Height; 1 for 1 1,000 Watt Metal Halide Replacement; Maximum Energy Use Reduction; High Voltage Application

Glowble Fixtures Used: EF-320F & EF-080F

Outcome Summary: “Energy use reduction is a high priority. One area of our base is commissioned to work on and refurbish combat role equipment. Lighting is very critical to the important detail work that we perform. We had a minimum foot-candle requirement of 50FC at ground level and an average fixture hanging height of 60 feet. We were having difficulty finding a product that would achieve this goal. We were able to get a sample Glowble EF-320 fixture that proved itself capable of meeting our requirements. We replaced one 1,000W Metal Halides with one 359W Glowble Fixture in the conversion process.” Additionally, this was a high voltage application and Glowble met the requirement without having to use a step down transformer in each fixture. We installed over 300 fixtures and have not had a single failure.”