• As the LED lighting market continues to grow many companies and individuals are faced with difficult buying decisions like:
        1. Are LED’s the right choice for my lighting needs?
        2. Which brand or style of LED lighting should I choose and how do I compare multiple LED fixtures?
        3. Is the overall cost savings worth the transition?
  • Let’s Take a look at these questions individually 

1.Are LED’s the right choice for my lighting needs?

      • There are many reasons to choose LED lighting.  Some of the benefits that may interest you or make you pursue this lighting option are as follows:
          • LED’s typically use 75% less energy than conventional lighting products
          • Instant on and instant off capabilities.  No need to wait for lights to “warm up” for several minutes like metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting fixtures
          • Glowble LED lighting produces significantly less heat that traditional lighting
          • The life cycle of LED lighting is significantly longer than other lighting options like metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent. (Glowble LED fixtures have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours, which equals 11.4 years of continuous operation.)
          • Due to the longer life cycle the need to carry replacement bulbs and ballast are eliminated.  Additionally, any outsourcing of repairs are not necessary, and maintenance staffs are free to perform other servicing functions important to your organization.

2. Which brand or style of LED lighting should I choose and how do I compare multiple LED fixtures?

          • Obviously, we feel that Glowble Lighting LED fixtures are the best commercial and industrial fixtures available, but we welcome comparison to any competitor regarding performance.  Some of the key performance measurements that should be compared are as follows:
              • How much input voltage is pushed through the fixtures power driver?  Many fixtures use between 600 milliamps (MA) all the way up to 1 Amp, creating significant heat in the fixture while consuming greater energy.  Glowble LED fixtures are driven at 350MA, which means that our fixturesuse much less power that other LED fixtures creating a greater energy savings.  This reduced drive power also lowers the Glowble fixture’s internal temperatures, which improves the life expectancy of the fixture.
              • What is the Lumens/Watt ratio of the LEDs in the fixture?  Glowble LED Fixtures currently use 139 Lumen/Watt Cree LEDs, which are some of the brightest LEDs available.  Many of Glowble’s competitors will use inferior LEDs and drive them at a higher electrical current to produce a greater quantity of light.  This method will work for a while, but creates greater stress on the LEDS and power driver due to significant heat build up associated with greater electrical current levels.  This scenario generally causes fixtures to fail or have a significant reduction in lumen output prior to the 100,000 hours of operation benchmark.
              • What is the Operational Temperature Range of the Fixture?  Due to our patented design and technology, Glowble Fixtures operate at 100% efficiency in temperature ranges from minus 40°C to +150°F.  Most competitor fixtures are not rated to +150°F and are actually “de-rated” to a smaller percentage output and efficiency at temperatures over 100°F.
              • Does the LED fixture have a LM79 & LM80 Rating?  Glowble Fixtures carry these ratings.  Why is it important?  LM79 Data enables objective product comparisons in areas such as:


LM79 Measurement Glowble Lighting LED Fixtures Competitor LED Fixtures?
Input VA 350MA ?
Input Power Factor (Value between 0 and 1) .98 or Greater ?
Lumens/Watt (Total System Efficacy) 127 ?


  3.Is the overall cost savings worth the transition or acquisition cost?

      • In many instances Glowble customers experience a payback on the cost of the fixtures in fewer than three years when using the lighting in a continual non-stop basis.  Due to the high efficiency and reliability of our fixtures, we encourage our customers to look at the lighting on a ten-year investment basis.  In most instances the 10 year Return On Investment is in excess of 100% .  An example of this type of return would be one of our customers purchasing $75,000 in new Glowble LED Lighting fixtures and reducing their annual cost by over $150,000 in a 10-year period.  With this type of return, and the competitive markets that exist in today’s economy, we have customers tell us that purchasing LED lighting can provide a competitive advantage against other companies who use conventional lighting fixtures.
      • The Glowble team stands ready to perform an analysis of your current lighting situation to help make recommendations on how you can begin saving money in your lighting applications.  Just click on the link here to correspond with a Glowble representative via e-mail, or give us a call at (205) 655-0999.